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Dell T710 R710 Servers Running 2008 R2 with Hyper-V Blue Screen

I had a problem not too long ago where a Dell Power Edge R710 (T710 in a rack chassis) blue screened about once a week. The Server was running Server 2008 R2 with only the Hyper-V role installed, and it was fully patched. The output of the dump file was:

MODULE_NAME: Unknown_Module
IMAGE_NAME: Unknown_Image
Followup: MachineOwner

I performed a little research and this appears to be related to systems running Xeon 5500 Series processors and a power saving feature in the BIOS called Enhanced Halt State (C1E). I went into the BIOS hoping to disable this, but I couldn’t find the option to disable it anywhere.

I then turned to Dell’s Support site and downloaded the newest revision to the BIOS, which at the time was 2.1.15_1. After the update there was an option for disable C1E in the BIOS, which I promptly disabled.

After 7 days testing I did end up getting this blue screen one more time. I double checked that C1E was disabled, which it was, but it still blue screened none the less. On a whim I also disabled power saving S3 feature in the BIOS and patiently waited another week.

After 7 days, it had not blue screened. Two weeks went by, no blue screen. After 4 weeks it was still running without a hitch so I called the case closed. It appears the combination of disabling C1E and S3 worked for me, but for many others disabling just C1E worked.

UPDATE: it appears that Microsoft has released an OS Hotfix for this that can be requested here.