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After installation of Blackberry Enterprise Server Express on SBS 2011 the Administrative Service Web page will not load

So a few weeks ago I had installed BES Express on a my first install of SBS 2011, and I couldn’t get the Administrative Service website to load to save my life. I went back and went through the installation instructions (which are terrible, I mean just horrible, just downright bad) a few times, and to the best of my knowledge everything was configured properly, after a few reboots and still no luck I turned to the BES site for help, I came across an article (sorry I can’t seem to find it again) that mentioned that if the service didn’t consume 600,000+KB of memory that the page would not load. I thought this was odd, but I took note, and sure enough my service was only using 6,000KB of memory.

I’m not a blackberry person myself, and I kinda have a hatred of all things blackberry, so I gave up pretty easily and gave RIM a call. Long, long story short, Check the “SQL Server Browser” service to make sure it’s set to “Automatic” and that it’s running. Apparently the application will not run if this service is not running.

Now if only RIM could do what everyone else does and either A) Display an error message that says this, or B) have the installation set the service as Automatic and then start it, I wouldn’t have wasted so much of mine and their time. But again, this is just another reason that I hate Blackberry products, I will give them them respect of being the most secure phone though, it’s the most secure wireless piece of crap that you hate you’ll ever own.