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Creating a new Outlook 2011 Profile (Identity )

The first thing to remember is Outlook 2011 is the first Outlook version on Mac, it’s a replacement for Entourage, so when searching for how to create a new Profile, you’re really searching for how to create a new Identity, that’s what Entourage used to call them. If you’re coming from a Windows environment (like me) then you’ll just be calling it a Profile, but that’s why you’ve ended up at my post instead of somewhere else, you’re calling it by the wrong name.

Whatever you want to call it, you can change it and Delete it by going to the following location:
Open Finder
Click on Applications
Open the folder "Office 2011"
Open the folder "Add-ins"
Open the "Microsoft Database Utility"

You can use the Plus and Minus at the bottom to add new or remove Identities (Profiles) for Outlook 2011