When trying to use Remote Web Workplace on an SBS 2008 server you get error: (error 50331688)

Recently came across this problem on a SBS 2008 deployment (just missed the SBS 2011 release), where users who were trying to connect to their computers using the Remote Web Workplace, but were unable and were getting this error:

An internal error has occurred (error 50331688). For more information, please
contact your network administrator or Microsoft Product Support.

Turns out the problem is related to the Terminal Services Gateway not having a certificate configured.

To resolve this follow these steps:

  1. Open TS Gateway Manager MMC
  2. Select your server in the Left hand pane
  3. In the Middle pane, click “View or modify certificate properties”
  4. Click “Select an existing Certificate for SSL encryption (recommended)”
  5. Click “Browse Certificates….”
  6. Select the correct 3rd party certificate from the list, and then click “Install”
  7. Click “Apply”, and then try to connect via RWW again.

This should also resolve any issues you have when trying to connect in via RDP when using a Terminal Services Gateway.

10 thoughts on “When trying to use Remote Web Workplace on an SBS 2008 server you get error: (error 50331688)

  1. Dustin Loftis

    SBS 2008 doesn’t have to have an SSL certificate on the TS Gateway, as the connection is supposed to be secured by using the SBS Sharepoint site’s certificate on port 987. Checking SBS Sharepoint’s SSL bindings for the proper certificate should fix this error without taking the server out of SBS configuration.

  2. Peter Barclay

    Great note, concise, not a bunch of jibber jabber. Straight to the point, accurate enough for me. I completely forgot about the TS GW certificate. Renewed the SBS cert over the weekend in prep for migrating to Office365. Two remote users, one big headache 🙂 Thanks!

  3. LED Police Lights

    This was exactly what I needed. I could not understand why a new user account I created was unable to access the remote workstation even though the user had RWW enabled with the workstation selected.

    Thank you.


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