MAC Laptop can’t connect to Dell 55xx Series Switch

I ran into a problem with various Mac laptops being unable to obtain an IP, or determine network speed, when plugged into a Dell Power Connect 55xx series switch. Turns out this isen’t just effecting Apple products, it’s also a problem with some PC’s that have newer Intel network cards. The problem is stemming from some of the newer Green Ethernet standards and in this case the switch and computer are unable to work out power settings on the NIC and are unable to set the proper speed and duplex. If you set the computer’s network card to Full Duplex and set the speed you should be able to connect, but this becomes burdonsome. The best way to fix this issue it to disable “EEE” on the 55xx series switch. Follow these steps:

  1. Console into your switch and enter config mode by typing “config”.
  2. Enter the command “No eee enable”.
  3. Save the running config and then reboot the switch.

After the switch reboots, connect the Mac and verify that you can obtain network connectivity with the nic set to automatic.

One thought on “MAC Laptop can’t connect to Dell 55xx Series Switch

  1. Samuel Beierle

    I logged into the switch and disabled it in the WEB Interface by going to switching-ports-green ethernet. It shows that it is turned off yet still no luck. the MACBook was purchased about 8 months ago. Thanks for the help.



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