Installing the VMware vCLI on a vCenter 4.1 server

This is a quick guide on downloading and installing the vCLI on your vCenter Server. Follow these steps to install the vCLI.

  1. Open a browser and head over to
  2. Select Release 4.1
  3. Click the link to download the installer, when prompted login with your vmware account.
  4. Agree to the EULA, and then download the file.
  5. Run the downloaded .exe file, Click “Next >” on the first screen.
  6. Accept the EULA, and then click “Next >”.
  7. Click “Next >” one more time, and then click “Install”.
  8. Click “Finish”.
  9. You can now access the vCLI by clicking on START > All Programs > VMware > VMware vSphere CLI > Command Prompt.

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