Installing SonicWALL Analyzer

Here is a quick and dirty guide to getting SonicWALL’s Analyzer software installed, configured, and displaying information about your hardware device:

  1. Download the SonicWALL Analyzer software for windows from
  2. Install using default options, and when prompted make sure to select the proper IP on the workstation/server to use to receive communications from the SonicWALL hardware device.
  3. Open port UDP 514 and UDP 162 on the Workstation/Server’s Windows Firewall to allow for Syslog and SNMP traffic to be sent to the server from the SonicWALL hardware Device.
  4. After Installation, reboot the Workstation/Server.
  5. Launch the SonicWALL Universal Management application from the start menu/desktop.
  6. Login with the default username /password of: admin/password.
  7. Set a new password for the UMH aspect of the software.
  8. Register the software with using the link at the top of the application.
  9. During the registration process, enter “ANALYZER” in the serial number field. Add a Description of the PC. Click Submit.
  10. Under the “Roles” section in the left hand pane, enter a username, password for the database and password for the database administrator. Click Update. Make sure to create a user account that IS NOT “root”, you can use anything but “root” for the database User.
  11. Under “Settings” section in the left hand pane, enter the SMTP settings necessary to send emails.
  12. On the SonicWALL, expand “Log” on the left, and then click on “ViewPoint”. Click “Add” and then enter the IP address of the workstation/server running analyzer.
  13. Install Java and flash on the Analyzer workstation/server.
  14. Attempt to log into the analyzer software now (same link as the Universal Management tool) and then you will be prompted to change your password for the analyzer user.
  15. Once Logged in, click on the “Firewall” tab at the top, then click the small button on the left to add a Hardware Device to be monitored.

This will get you up and running any analyzing traffic in real time.

3 thoughts on “Installing SonicWALL Analyzer

  1. Henry Wagner

    Thanks for posting this. Since teh Analyzer SW relies on Java and since java has been disabled on IE, FireFox and Chrome, do you know how I can resolve this?


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