Analyzing Dump Files using WinDbg on Windows 7

I Figured I’d toss this information up here because every time I get a new computer I end up spending an hour of my life figuring this out again, it’s not overly complicated, but why spend any more time than I have to right?

  1. Okay, well first things first, we need to download and obtain the Windows 7 SDK from here.
  2. Start an installation, and when prompted, choose custom.
  3. Install only the Debugging Tools for Windows components
  4. Launch the Windbg.exe tool and enter the following command to set your symbol locations: .sympath SRV*C:\symbols*
  5. Go to the File Menu, click “Save Workspace”
  6. Create a new System Environment Variable to remember that location for the future:  _NT_SYMBOL_PATH = symsrv*symsrv.dll*c:\symbols*
  7. Now you can start to analyze Crash dump files by clicking on File and then Open Crash Dump.

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