Windows 7 takes a very long time to open Office 2003 files on Network Shares

I’ve been having this problem for a long time now, and quite frankly, have just been too lazy to fix it. The problem is it’s only been effecting mine, and one other person’s computer, and since I’m not really my own client, then I don’t really rate. At least in terms of solving my own problems.

Anyway, so after ignoring it for quite some time someone else figured out a solution and sent it my way. It seems that on x86 installs of Windows 7(that’s also running office 2007/2010), When office 2003 files are stored on a network share Windows 7 can take up to 4 minutes to open them.

While this is a fantastic feature, it’s not really desirable. There are two options to fix it. The first of which is to install a Hotfix from Microsoft, Hotfix KB0982860. It can be downloaded here. The second is a Client and Server Lanman Server registry change workaround.

Make the following registry changes:

On the file server locate this entry:


On the Client Computer locate this entry:


Change Both of these keys to “0” (zero):


Reboot both the client and the server and you should be all set.

One thought on “Windows 7 takes a very long time to open Office 2003 files on Network Shares

  1. Dave Minker

    As it turns out, the recent SP for Win7 also seems to fix this issue – likely just rolls the reg changes into the SP along with everything else.


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