OSX 10.6.7 Update Breaks Sonicwall Net Extender (Again)

More Sonicwall NetExtender fun. This time it’s 10.6.7 changing permissions on the /usr/sbin/pppd folder.

I had users over the weekend update Mac OS X 10.6 to version 10.6.7, after the update they were unable to connect to thier Net Extender . When they tried to connect, it failed and then displayed the connetion log. The log contained the following entries:

[general warn 28598] NetExtender 881 closed unexpectedly; attempting to cleanup pppd 28566
[dns info 28608] Restarting mDNSResponder

I’ve only tested this fix for Net Extender version 5.0.680, but I’ve confirmed that it’s working with that version. We’ll need to adjust the permissions on the folder /usr/sbin/pppd:

Open terminal, and enter the following command:

sudo chmod u+s /usr/sbin/pppd

Enter your password at the prompt, allow the command to complete. Once that’s been entered, close and reopen the Net Extender, and then you should be able to connect.

5 thoughts on “OSX 10.6.7 Update Breaks Sonicwall Net Extender (Again)

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  2. Larry

    So I just upgraded to Lion yesterday and my Net Extender (4.0.667 – it’s the version IT is supplying) is returning this error message:

    FATAL: You don’t have permission to read/execute ‘/etc/ppp/peers’.

    I assume this is similar to the issue you’re describing in this thread – I would go to Terminal and type in something like this:

    sudo chmod u+s /etc/ppp/peers

    But when I do, my system responds “no such file or directory”. I’m sorry, I’m a bit of a newb here – using Finder I can’t find this directory either. Can you provide me with any help? Thank you in advance!! I’d ask IT but they’re not really Mac fans… 🙁

    Based on your previous posts I’d be surprised if you’re not already running into this with your current customers!


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