Configuring IPSecuritas for Use with a SonicWall TZ190 Enhanced, Part 2 Configuring the Client Computer

This is part two of Configuring IPSecuritas with a Sonicwall TZ190 Enhanced. If you missed the first part you can go back and check it out here.

Find the information you recorded in Part 1, we’ll need it below.

  1. Download and Install IPSecuritas. Refer to installation manual if needed.
  2. Launch IPSecuritas and then launch the Connection window by clicking the Connections menu and then selecting Edit Connections….
  3. Click the Plus Sign ( + ) at the bottom left to create a new connection. (shown as “TEST CLIENT”) Enter the WAN IP Address of the sonicwall in the Remote IPSec Device field. Select Host in the Endpoint Mode (Local). Select Network in the Endpoint Mode (Remote). Enter your network Address. See Figure 1.
  4. Click the Phase 1 Tab. Enter the information from Part 1 Step Four28800, DH2, 3DES, SHA-1. Exchange Mode: Aggressive. Proposal Check: Obey. Nonce Size: 16. See Figure 2.
  5. Click the Phase 2 Tab. Enter the information from Step Four28800, 3DES, SHA-1. PFS Group: None. See Figure 3.
  6. Click the ID Tab. Local Identifier: Address. Remote Identifier: Set this to FQDN, Use the Firewall Identifier from Step Seven. Authentication Method: Preshared Key. Use Preshared Secret from Part 1 Step ThreeNOTE: If you are using XAUTH change Authentication Method to XAUTH PSK, enter User and Password  from Part 1 Step Ten and Preshared Secret from Part 1 Step Three. See Figure 4.
  7. Skip the DNS tab, Click the Options Tab. Make sure your Settings appear the same as the picture. See Figure 5.
  8. Click START from the IPSecuritas Program or Widget.

Again, these instructions have only been tested with a Sonicwall TZ190 Enhanced, These instructions may need to be alerted to work with other SonicWall Models. Please let me know if you’ve been able to get these instructions (or slightly modified instructions) to work on any other SonicWall routers.

2 thoughts on “Configuring IPSecuritas for Use with a SonicWall TZ190 Enhanced, Part 2 Configuring the Client Computer

  1. Will Anderson

    Sean, awesome tutorial! I had recently received an end of life TZ190 from my work and was racking my brain trying to configure the VPN properly for my Macbook. The only alternative I saw was spending $100+ dollars (RIDICULOUS!) on the VPN Tracker client. That wasn’t going to happen. Anyways, thanks for the great write up. Now I just need to figure what I can do to get some of the WAN speed back that I am losing by having the Sonicwall as my router. I have a 50mb connection, but the router overhead is kicking it down to about 30mb which is unacceptable considering the price I pay for my connection. I would hate to sacrifice the VPN functionality I’ve been looking and go back to my SOHO router. Any thoughts?

  2. John Wilson

    Thanks Sean; but couldn’t get it working with our TZ-600, SonicOS 6.2.

    Do you know if IPSecuritas is still around? Their forum throws PHP errors, can’t register there anymore (requires CAPTCHA, but no CAPTCHA picture); they don’t even respond to emails. In fact, I’m wondering if it was safe to install in the first place, since doesn’t identify anything about the company, who runs it, where it’s located, etc. At least they have WHOIS info.



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